Is custom packaging worth it?

In a crowded global marketplace where people seem to have never-ending choices, your product needs to stand out. Custom packaging is one of the most impactful ways to tell your product’s unique story, withstand the rigors of transit, and increase customer satisfaction.

It’s tempting to think of corrugated packaging as little more than a box — something that serves a limited purpose as a container. But custom packaging does more than just protect products during shipping. 

Take Amazon’s corrugated boxes used to ship to millions of people every day. The smile on an Amazon box does more than just identify the retailer; it announces that something good and worth smiling about is inside. The joy of e-commerce is Amazon’s brand story. It’s a simple example of how a custom printed box can convey a strong message.

Delivering a branding message through packaging


Another example of the power of custom packaging comes from Viking customer Hepworth Farms. Hepworth is a multigenerational family farm established in 1818. They are leading experts in organic and responsible farming, and their produce is featured at leading grocers.

Through custom packaging, Hepworth was able to reflect their commitment to a "whole systems approach" and land and energy conservation. Viking helped Hepworth create packaging that protects delicate produce and displays the farm's unique and meaningful message. A plain box simply wouldn't tell the farm's complete story.

At Viking, we’ve helped many customers increase sales, elevate brand image, and protect products through custom packaging. Connect with us and learn why it's definitely worth it to explore the value of custom packaging.

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