3 Ways Corrugated is a Sustainable Packaging Solution
Corrugated is recyclable and renewable, but there are other environmentally friendly benefits to this amazing material.
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Is Custom Packaging Worth It?
In a crowded global marketplace where people seem to have never-ending choices, your product needs to stand out. Custom packaging is one of the most impactful ways to tell your product’s unique story, withstand the rigors of transit, and increase customer satisfaction.
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Packaging Innovation Supports Surge in Online Shopping
Online shopping used to be just a convenient way to order special purchases. Today, it’s part of the weekly or daily shopping routine for many. This surge in e-commerce activity has impacted packaging in many ways, including design enhancements that not only provide additional protection but also help sellers add new cost-saving efficiencies.
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3 Packaging Questions for a Post-Pandemic World
What role will packaging play in your business in 2021 and beyond? Explosive growth in e-commerce during the pandemic made corrugated packaging solutions a necessity for retailers. As we begin to transition to a post-pandemic world, we believe that businesses should pay close attention to three packaging areas of concern: container branding, sustainability, and inventory management.
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2021: The Year of Packaging — and Sustainability
In 2020 Americans consumed more corrugated packaging than ever before, driven by a breakthrough year for e-commerce. This comes as no surprise, with the pandemic bringing exponential growth for online sales as consumers opt for contactless shopping. With this increase in online purchases comes the opportunity to enhance customer experience, elevate branding, ensure greater product protection, and more through packaging.
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What Makes Corrugated So Strong?
Corrugated packaging offers many benefits to manufacturers, sellers, and consumers. Corrugated is a lightweight, versatile, and sustainable packaging material, but it is also incredibly strong. Learn more about how corrugated gets its strength, and how durability can save money.
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