3 Ways Corrugated is a Sustainable Packaging Solution

Most people know that corrugated boxes are recyclable. This alone makes corrugated a better choice than single-use non-recyclable packaging, but there are additional environmentally friendly benefits of this amazing material.

Multifunctional corrugated reduces waste

One of the best ways to minimize the impact on the environment is to make packaging serve more than one purpose. Shelf-ready packaging meets the needs for protection during transit, while also serving as an attractive way to display products to consumers. Multifunctional packaging uses less material and can help save money and resources by creating a direct line from the supply chain to the shelf.

Another example of multifunctional packaging is the protective corrugated solution Viking provided to a tech product customer who needed a simple, single-box solution. Viking was able to replace costly foam packaging that is not recyclable with a corrugated alternative that was 1/3 of the cost. At the same time, this made the entire pack able to be recycled through single-stream, curbside recycling. In addition to small tech products, Viking has delivered similar solutions for rigid items weighing up to 70lbs.

Lighter and sturdier packaging has less environmental impact

In addition to being inherently sustainable when sourced from recycled and renewable materials, corrugated is lightweight, saving freight and handling costs. Although lightweight, corrugated is incredibly strong and flexible, so you get stronger protection and a lower carbon footprint by reducing the fuel costs associated with transport.

Customizable corrugated = less waste

One of the best benefits of corrugated is that it is easily customizable, so you only use the material you need. And in addition to avoiding wasted material upfront, corrugated minimizes waste after use by being easily repurposed or recycled.

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