Saving Labor Costs

In an e-commerce world, the time it takes to assemble boxes is critical.

CVE / Techeim

Our customer provides refurbished tablets to their customers through ecommerce. 

The Problem

  • Tablets are fragile
  • Packaging must contain all components. 
  • Packaging must be easy to assemble

The Viking solution

New compartment to secure accessories.

case study image 1 Case Study Image2

The customer’s old design had a secondary piece that came attached to the outside mailer. This needed to be torn away from the part, folded up and secured to create the cavity for the accessories. 

The Viking solution created a roll over design that needed no tearing and precision alignment to make the cavity ready for the accessories. 

The Results

Once the Viking solution was implemented, our customer’s labor reduced by 25% in getting packaging ready for packing and shipment. 

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