Viking’s Commitment to Community

Viking’s Commitment to Community

At Viking Packaging, our commitment to the community is a direct extension of our company mission. Since our inception in 1973, we’ve operated on the idea that it’s more than just meeting the immediate needs of our customers—it’s about building lasting relationships and fostering sustainable growth both within and beyond our company walls. Our dedication to the community is an integral part of our core philosophy. It drives us to invest in the people and equipment that expand our capabilities. This synergy between community support and business operations enriches our company culture, motivates our team, and solidifies the trust and respect of our clients and partners alike.

As we’ve grown and changed, we've continuously adapted to the shifting needs of the market, always with an eye toward how we can better serve not just our customers, but our community as a whole. Here are some ways we’ve invested in local educational programs, inclusivity initiatives, and local development to build a stronger community.

Inspiring Young Minds through Scouting

Viking has had the pleasure of hosting local Boy Scout troops at our facility for an up-close look at our manufacturing process. The scouts got to see how the lessons they learn in their troops could be applied to real-world technology and engineering, highlighting the importance of the skills they’re building. Such experiences inspire curiosity and a love for learning and foster\ the next generation of leaders.

Connecting Education with Industry

Furthering our educational outreach, we welcomed the Mid-Hudson Technology & Engineering Educators Association for a comprehensive factory tour. This initiative is part of our ongoing effort to link educational institutions with industry, providing educators with valuable insights into the practical aspects of their teachings. This connection enhances their ability to prepare students for future technological and engineering roles.

Partnering with Hudson Valley Pathways Academy

Our collaboration with the Hudson Valley Pathways Academy is another way we’ve helped enrich education for local students. The program's unique six-year study pathway not only leads to an associate degree but also imparts essential workforce readiness skills, placing graduates at the forefront of industry opportunities. Every year, Viking welcomes students from the Academy to participate in a day where they tour the studio and participate in their own packaging challenge. We hope that through this event, these students will unlock their creative side and see how it can be applied even in a manufacturing position. 

Supporting Abilities First

Viking is a community partner for Abilities First and was proudly honored with the 2022 Henry G. Page, Jr. Business Leadership Award. This organization is dedicated to helping individuals with developmental challenges achieve greater independence and community integration. By supporting these initiatives, we contribute to creating a more inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Viking Packaging’s commitment to community involvement is evident in every initiative we undertake. From educational tours to partnerships with impactful organizations, we are dedicated to making a positive difference in our community. We believe that through continuous support and collaboration, we can foster an environment of growth, inclusivity, and learning. 

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