Packaging’s Pivotal Pandemic Role

Countless industries have stepped up to the challenge of addressing the pandemic. From healthcare to consumer products, the packaging industry is behind the scenes of many of these efforts, playing a key role in pandemic response.

Supporting manufacturing and distribution

In 2020, the corrugated packaging industry had a record year of production, after skyrocketing e-commerce-driven demands. This spike in demand occurred at a time when maintaining productivity was more of a challenge, due to some pandemic safety measures taken to protect employees. Innovations in production and steps such as Viking’s cost-reduction and quality control investments in owning our corrugators helped prepare for this demand.

Protecting Vital Supplies

While packaging demand increased due to changes in how consumers shop, corrugated also continues to play a strong role in the most vital supply chain. From delivering supplies and medicine to the front lines of the healthcare response to supporting the pharmaceutical industry’s massive vaccination effort, corrugated packaging is there.

From the cold chain temperature requirements of the Pfizer vaccine to the need for specialized corrugated and foam inserts, packaging innovations are helping the world face the pandemic.

See how Swatek and Viking are helping the Moderna vaccine production effort. It's just one way how packaging is there supporting the industries and supply chains that keep the world running and working towards a better future.

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