The Art of Unboxing: How to Upgrade the Customer Experience

In today's dynamic market, the act of unboxing a product plays a crucial role in defining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Viking is a pioneer in transforming this pivotal moment into an extraordinary experience--we were the third company nationwide to incorporate equipment capable of printing on both the interior and exterior of e-commerce mailers in a single process. With some simple elements, you can enhance the customer unboxing experience and showcase thoughtful packaging elements that make a big impact on your end customer.

Storytelling through Custom Inner PrintingViking 0649.jpg

The magic of storytelling can be vividly brought to life the moment a customer opens their package. Envision a box that tells the tales of your brand and speaks directly to your customers. Such a personal touch helps deeply connect your customers with the product. By implementing efficient techniques like single-color flexographic printing, Viking Packaging ensures that this enchantment is both breathtaking and budget-friendly.

To see Viking’s custom prints in action, check out our case study with Bats-Toi:


Precision Meets Aesthetics in Custom-Cut Trays

Securing the product during transit is a fundamental concern that, when addressed creatively, can enhance the unboxing experience. Custom-cut trays, designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensure your product is not only protected but also presented beautifully as soon as the box is opened. This blend of practicality and presentation underscores the quality and care behind your brand, leaving a lasting impression.

See how custom trays can elegantly display your products in our cosmetic case study:

Cosmetic Tray

The Allure of Sneak PeeksViking 0627.jpg

Anticipation is a powerful emotion and packaging that offers a glimpse of the treasure inside taps into this excitement. Viking crafts packaging solutions with viewable features that intrigue and invite customers into a visual journey even before the unboxing is complete. This strategic incorporation of transparency elevates the aesthetic appeal of the product, making the packaging an integral part of the consumer experience.

Check out how this can elevate your packaging in the box we produced for Blue Hill Market:

Blue Hill Market

Viking Packaging is at the forefront of enhancing the customer unboxing experience. Through innovative packaging solutions that narrate, protect, and allure, we turn the simple act of opening a box into a memorable journey. Such experiences not only fortify brand loyalty but also significantly enhance product attractiveness, setting a new standard in customer engagement.

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