Bats-Toi: Building Excitement over Safety Innovation

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a growing sport, but like many other contact sports, head injuries are a big concern. BATS-TOI created a new headgear model with state-of-the-art advances that meet the need for greater protection, better fit, and more comfort in head injury prevention.

The Mercado multisports headgear uses features like a cable system for stability and sections that distribute force during impact. It was designed with input from mechanical and biomedical engineers and is one of the most advanced headgear models on the market today. 



The Problem

The Mercado helmet is all about exciting innovation, but when a buyer first interacts with the product on a store shelf, would a plain box convey The Mercado’s story? BATS-TOI wanted the excitement surrounding the product’s innovative features to carry over to the headgear’s packaging, but packaging with lithograph images would be cost-prohibitive. 

The Viking Solution

Viking worked closely with BATS-TOI to showcase The Mercado headgear in a way that calls out its precise protection while covering every angle of its cool, modern look. The box tells the product’s story in a minimal and direct way.

bats toi.png



Each wall of the packaging contains an image of the product, with top, bottom, sides, front and back “mirroring” the distinct headgear features. 

And, by using a cost-effective single-color flexographic printing process, we were able to save our customer money, so their innovations and increased safety protections could get out on the shelves and into the octagon.

Custom packaging can be a crucial ingredient in your product’s marketing and a way to connect with customers by telling your product’s story.

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