Custom Packaging Highlights Your Brand

Did you know that packaging can be one of the strongest assets for your brand?

The growth of omnichannel retail over recent years means that the box you ship your products in may be the first physical connection your customers have with your brand. A simple corrugated box might do the job of protecting the things your customers buy from you during shipment, but will it wow them?

Custom packaging takes your product to the next level, offering customer engagement and the ability to tell your brand's story, as well as make sure your product arrives safely in shoppers' hands.

Here are some ways custom corrugated can make your brand stand out in the crowd:

Unboxing experience as today’s retail showroom

Speak to your customers and pull them into the story of what makes your product so special.

St. Agrestis Spritz is a light and refreshing beverage that combines sparkling Italian wine with an aperitivo and sparkling water. To St. Agrestis's target customer, it's pure refreshment in a can, and Viking's packaging solution couldn't more clearly deliver this message.

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That box just begs to be opened, both from its design and its on-brand box messaging.

Ensuring the Precise Amount of Protection

With a custom-designed corrugated box, you can make sure that your product is optimally protected.  From highly technical applications to unique designs that save material and time, custom packaging solutions 

Sometimes, Less is More

Consumers are worried about too much packaging. Custom corrugated means you only need to use the amount of material necessary to package and present your product. And, since corrugated is sustainable, with over 90% of old corrugated containers being recovered and recycled, your shoppers can feel better about their purchase.

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