3 Packaging Questions for a post-pandemic world

What role will packaging play in your business in 2021 and beyond? Explosive growth in e-commerce during the pandemic made corrugated packaging solutions a necessity for retailers. As we begin to transition to a post-pandemic world, we believe that businesses should pay close attention to three packaging areas of concern: container branding, sustainability, and inventory management.

Does your packaging match your brand?

Retailers across the globe have pivoted to omnichannel shopping, seeking to create a customer experience that is consistent across in-store and online shopping. Today, more than ever, the shipping experience is part of shopping. The visual appearance of a package delivered to the customer’s doorstep can be just as impactful as in-person customer service. Custom boxes grab a customer’s attention and help elevate your brand image. Branding your shipping packaging can tell your story, build excitement in your customers who are anticipating your box, and support in-store displays as well.

Are your packaging materials and practices sustainable?

Increased e-commerce activity has created a business need, and consumer preference, for sustainably sourced shipping materials. The corrugated industry gets high marks for sustainability, recovering 96% of corrugated materials for recycling in 2018. But, beyond responsible sourcing, consumers are increasingly aware of how much packaging materials they use. This awareness has increased interest in products that are shipped in their own container, saving costs and reducing waste. 

Are you ready for sales volume spikes and dips?

The online sales surge led to five consecutive months of record-setting corrugated production. This unanticipated growth led to some product and packaging shortages that led to customer frustration. One way to manage uncertain packaging demand is through vendor-managed inventory, saving you from the challenges of changing demand cycles.

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