What Makes Corrugated So Strong?

Corrugated packaging offers many benefits to manufacturers, sellers, and consumers. Corrugated is a lightweight, versatile, and sustainable packaging material, but it is also incredibly strong. 

This strength can help reduce the cost of case damage, which averages at about 2% of unit loads arriving at a distribution center, but can be as much as 11%.

Flute and wall construction impact durability

Packaging strength depends on the size and type of corrugated material used. “Corrugated” refers to material that has a fluted component. These flutes provide extra support — just like how a curved arch provides strong support when spanning a space. If you picture the arches under a bridge or in the interior of a vaulted ceiling, you’ll see the same supportive principle in action. 

These flutes help corrugated packaging resist bending and pressure from all directions. It is structurally rigid and, at the same time, provides cushioning. 

In single-walled corrugated packaging, the fluted material is sandwiched between two flat layers of fiberboard. This is your everyday box used for shipping online purchases. It is strong enough for most products, but there are double and even triple-walled options that add more layers of fluting and sheeting for heavier items.

Flutes come in different sizes, and walls have varying thicknesses, both of which impact packaging strength. Design also plays a role in packaging durability and protection.

Testing corrugated durability

Corrugated strength is measured through a burst strength test or edge crush test. This test rating helps identify the appropriate packaging size for the needed application, so companies have less waste and more efficiency.

Strength is just one reason businesses can rely on corrugated packaging. Viking’s full range of packaging solutions protect products, provide customer convenience, and are sustainable.

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