Scary Common Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

Halloween is days away, but it's not just ghouls and ghosts that can give you a fright. If you're in the business of packaging products, you might be facing some packaging nightmares of your own. But fear not, we’re here to shed light on some common packaging mistakes to avoid. Just like avoiding the wrong turn in a haunted house, steering clear of these packaging blunders can save you from a scary situation.

1. Wrong-sized Packaging
When you don’t consider the size of your product and whether it’s a snug fit, it's a recipe for disaster! Using packaging that's too large for your product can result in damage during shipping and handling. Additionally, packaging that's too large can cost you more to ship. Ensure your packaging is the right fit to safeguard your precious cargo and save money.

2. Overlooking Retail Display
Consider how your product will be displayed in retail stores. Your packaging should stand out on the shelves and effectively showcase your product. A well-designed package can be your product's best marketing tool.

3. Choosing the Cheapest Option
Choosing the cheapest packaging option may seem like a cost-effective choice, but it can lead to damaged goods and customer dissatisfaction. Strike a balance between cost and quality to maintain the integrity of your products. Remember, the cheapest thing you can do is buy the best!

4. Overcomplicating Packaging
Don't make your packaging a puzzle to solve. Overly complicated packaging can frustrate customers. Keep it simple and easy to open. A packaging that's user-friendly will leave a positive impression.

5. Missing Branding Opportunities
Packaging isn't just for protection; it's an opportunity to display your brand's identity. Use the space wisely to incorporate branding elements, such as your logo, tagline, mission statement, or a unique design. Your packaging is the first impression your product makes, so utilize it as an opportunity to communicate with your customers! 

6. Neglecting Eco-friendly Options
In an age where sustainability is crucial, consider eco-friendly packaging options to reduce your environmental impact. Viking offers various sustainable options, like custom reusable packaging, alternatives to plastic foam, and cardboard that’s easily recyclable. It not only benefits the planet but also appeals to eco-conscious customers.

7. Sticking With Standard Packaging Styles
Don't limit yourself to one packaging style. There are various ways to protect your product, from sealed air bags to custom trays. Explore different options to find the perfect fit for your merchandise, and better protect your product.

This Halloween, don't let packaging mishaps haunt your business. Avoid these common packaging mistakes and ensure that your products are a treat for your customers, not a trick! At Viking Packaging, we're here to help you navigate the packaging maze. Reach out today to discuss your packaging options!

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