3 Ways Packaging Can Boost Sales

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Corrugated packaging is a modern marvel. It is lightweight, recyclable, reusable, incredibly strong, and easily customizable to meet your product shipping, presentation, and protection needs. Corrugated also can play a strong supporting role in increasing sales. Here are just three ways corrugated can help take your business to the next level.

In-store product presentation

When it comes to retail, people may only think of corrugated packaging as the shipping container that delivers products to retailers, who then flatten and recycle the empty boxes. But many customers are finding that by using shelf ready packaging they can help their products stand out on the shelf. Consumers make buying decisions very quickly and it is critical for your products to make an immediate impression. Deliver your brand in a more impactful way by using shelf ready packaging to help your retail sales grow.

Omnichannel shopper experience

Packaging’s powerful ability to engage and connect with shoppers extends outside of stores into omnichannel retail. Corrugated’s flexibility means your packaging can be customized to your product and includes such features as easy conversion to a return shipping container and incorporation of prominent branding into shipping. These features can encourage repeat business and reduce “customer churn” in subscription-based sales, such as meal kit deliveries, helping to increase revenue. In addition, Amazon has pushed for sellers to pack products in "ships in own container" packaging, which helps Amazon's stream and can lead to increased sales. 

Product preservation

Of course corrugated is purpose-designed for ultimate protection. From food to consumer goods and commercial products, corrugated can be customized with different protective materials and liners, and can use different corrugated flutes and wall strengths to protect whatever you sell. Protecting your products reduces returns and encourages repeat purchases as customers will know that they can depend on the integrity of your products.

Are you leveraging your packaging for maximum sales? These are just a few of the many ways corrugated can keep your customers happy and connected to your products. Learn more about how Viking's packaging solutions can be your best ally in boosting your business.

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