A Better Partition Tray

Our customer specializes in cosmetics, which go through multiple processes during production to guarantee a high-quality product. In order to safely transport products from site to site to perform rigorous quality control, our customer was utilizing a corrugated cardboard tray with a chipboard partition.

The Problem

Corrugated trays kept our customer’s products safe throughout various processes like filling and silkscreening, but the tray itself wasn’t lasting. The trays often broke down or wore out before completing the entire closed-loop process.

The Solution

The Swatek and Viking team was able to provide our customer with a new box to solve their wear and tear problems. The new trays were made of plastic corrugated, both in the tray itself and in the dividers. 

The Results

The rugged and reusable corrugated partition and tray allowed for a vehicle that wasn’t just more durable, but reusable! This allows the customer to use fewer trays and offered a more eco-friendly option as the trays had greater longevity.