Excelsior Wood Products

Excelsior Wood Products is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of wood materials, located in Kingston, NY. They provide customers throughout the tri-state area and nationwide with custom wood products that are long-lasting and eco-friendly. 

The Problem

While Excelsior provides its customers with custom products, the machinery used is one size fits all. That means that after painting every piece in their sprayer, an employee would then have to clean the paint off the entire interior and wait for it to dry before spraying the next piece. The machine took 2-3 hours to clean after every project. This is a huge and costly negative impact on productivity because one spray machine can only complete one job per day. 

The Viking Solution

Viking was able to think outside of the box and provide Excelsior with a straightforward and manageable solution to its cleaning problem. We custom-fit corrugated cardboard to line the inside of the machine. The paint that would previously need to be cleaned from the interior is then only coated the cardboard, which can be recycled and replaced for the next job. 

The Results 

With this simple fix, Excelsior is now able to complete more jobs and save time. It resulted in a 300% increase in productivity and $1,000 to $10,000 added profit daily.