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At the Viking family of companies, we pride ourselves on delivering packaging solutions to our clients, but solving problems on the packing line is not all that we do. We deliver engineered upstream solutions as well, providing value to the customer in the manufacturing process. 

G&G Industrial Lighting manufactures a wide range of industrial LED lighting solutions, including lighting for car washes, food processing, transit, industrial, agricultural and other applications. G&G specializes in harsh environment lighting solutions, requiring a final product that is resistant to weather and temperature fluctuations.

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The Problem: Need for Adhesive Performance during manufacturing

The company was having an issue with adhering a lens to one of its LED fixtures. Their old solution was a snap-on connection that over time would loosen, causing potential problems in product integrity.  We engineered an adhesive tape solution that improved G&G’s final product and manufacturing process. 

Viking’s die-cut, double-coated tape solution met the client’s need for an adhesive that would stick to the low-surface energy of an LED lighting fixture, which has a smooth surface.   

Our solution not only did the trick, it also added value across the client’s manufacturing process.


  • Increase production 20%
  • Eliminate time and cost of pre-drilling fixture
  • Eliminate start-up costs
  • Improved durability
  • Reduces assembly time and downtime - saving $10,000 - $20,000 per incident of downtime 

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Viking’s solution is an example of how we find engineered solutions for problems. We engage with our clients to find the root of the problem and present solutions that impact more than just a single application of our product. It’s just another way how the Viking family of companies delivers truly epic solutions, through packaging and upstream materials engineering.

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