American Lumber

American Lumber has been a valued client of Viking Packaging primarily for their need for corrugated cardboard. Recognizing the need for more efficient and standardized packaging solutions, American Lumber sought Viking's expertise to address their unique shipping challenges.

The Problem

Previously, American Lumber struggled to find pallets in the size they needed to ship their product. The company turned to a homemade solution: using a mix of leftover lumber to construct shipping pallets themselves. This method was not only time-consuming but also costly in terms of labor. This piecemeal approach required extensive manpower, with several employees diverted from regular operations and dedicated to manually building these pallets. The need for a streamlined, reliable solution was clear to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

The Solution

Viking Packaging, known throughout the industry for its comprehensive packaging solutions, extended its services beyond just supplying corrugated sheets. With years of experience in all realms of shipping and packaging, we had contacts able to create custom pallets for American Lumber. From there, Viking would handle the shipping and delivery of the pallets to the lumber yard. This collaboration leveraged Viking’s wide network and expertise in the industry, ensuring a solution that was both efficient and tailored to the client’s requirements.

In addition to the partnership, Viking offered two distinct pallet sizes, optimizing the variety of American Lumber’s shipping needs. This customization enhanced the logistics and handling efficiency.

The Results

The partnership and the solutions provided by Viking Packaging yielded significant benefits for American Lumber. The transition to using standardized, custom-built pallets reduced the labor previously required to build pallets in-house. This allowed employees to redirect their focus towards more productive tasks, directly impacting the company’s bottom line.

The collaboration between American Lumber and Viking Packaging demonstrates our ability to offer cutting-edge, customized shipping solutions that go beyond traditional packaging. It highlights Viking's role as a full-spectrum packaging provider capable of addressing complex logistical challenges and improving operational efficiencies for our clients.

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