RBW Lighting

RBW, a lighting producer and Certified B Corp, has embarked on a mission to make environmentally responsible packaging choices. RBW sought Viking’s expertise to enhance its packaging solutions with a focus on sustainability. 


RBW's commitment to sustainability and maintaining its B Corp status presented a unique challenge. It needed to align its packaging choices with its eco-conscious values. Traditional packaging materials often fell short of meeting its sustainability goals, prompting RBW to explore alternative solutions that could reduce their environmental footprint.


Recognizing the importance of sustainable packaging, Viking collaborated with RBW to provide custom packaging solutions that aligned with their values. The partnership resulted in the implementation of several eco-friendly packaging options.

Viking introduced compostable foam end caps to protect RBW's lighting products during transit. These end caps provide exceptional protection while being environmentally responsible and fully compostable. Custom corrugated packaging solutions were also designed and supplied by Viking, tailored to RBW's specific needs. This solution not only enhanced product protection but also ensured the efficient use of materials, reducing waste and environmental impact. To further support RBW's sustainability objectives, Viking introduced certified paper packaging tape, a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic tape.


Viking's partnership with RBW has delivered multiple positive outcomes, including environmental impact achievements, improved product protection, and a strengthened commitment to sustainable packaging. RBW integrated eco-friendly measures that reduced their environmental impact and reinforced their B Corp status. Viking’s packaging solutions not only met RBW's environmental goals but also ensured the safe transit of their lighting products, striking a balance between sustainability and functionality. This collaboration underscores the significance of aligning business practices with environmental values.

At Viking, our commitment is to provide packaging solutions that minimize environmental impact and align with our customer’s values. Reach out today to learn more!