Government packaging products

Viking Southeastern manufactures reusable Fast Packs and Slide Packs, Mil-Spec and commercial convoluted foam, and Weather Resistant corrugated boxes.

Fast Packs keep sensitive material secure and firmly in place. These products are assembled with a glued foam bottom and foam top.

Fast Packs requiring V3c Board or W5c board per Military Specifications consist of weather-resistant corrugated material. Fast Pack standard sizes are available for interstate shipment. Additionally, we manufacture custom sizes to your specifications. Reusable Fast Packs manufactured by Viking Southeastern meet Federal Specification ASTM D5118, with the foam-lined products meeting (Military Specification) MIL-P-26514F and PPP-B1672D which ship via carriers such as UPS.

Viking Southeastern also manufactures Mil-Spec Type II Slide Packs using anti-static foam which are recommended for laptops and printed circuit boards that are sensitive to the buildup of static electricity during shipment

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