Getting product out the door!

Café Spice

Our customer provides prepackaged dinners.

The problem:

  • Changing the meal tray and recipies can change the size of the box needed
  • Food is made fresh and packaged so it needs to be packed and shipped as it is made

The Viking solution

Get the correct size box delivered so the meals can be packed and shipped.


“Viking brings knowledge and expertise to new projects, provides incredible customer service and produces high quality boxes that we depend on every day to pack and transport our perishable premium products. As a food manufacturer, Cafe Spice has high expectations for supplier partners and Viking surpasses these expectations on many levels.”

- Stephanie Madoff, Café Spice Global Cuisine


We received a call from our customer late in the day that the boxes they had from their current vendor did not fit their new meal trays. Their current vendor was not able to get to them until the next day. After a brief conversation and discussion about size over the phone, the Viking design team created new samples to test the fit. The Viking sales team drove the new samples down to Café Spice to ensure their product fit the boxes well. After confirming this, Café Spice gave the go ahead at 4:30 pm to produce 8,000 boxes so they could get their meals packed and shipped. 

The Results

By 2 pm the next day Café Spice had the boxes they needed and were able to begin packing out their shipments. All in less than 24 hours. It’s good to have a Viking on your side. 

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