Reusable Corrugated

Sustainability that Keeps on Going

Sustainability is an important goal for today’s businesses. Packaging can be both a source of waste and an opportunity to add planet-friendly practices that can lower costs, improve customer experience, and add to a business’s brand image. 

The Problem:

Our customer was purchasing monthly quantities of a corrugated carton that they would ship to a specific customer on a regular basis. Each month, our customer was spending a lot of money on packaging, and while their existing corrugated fiberboard box solution was sustainable, it seemed wasteful to send a brand new box each month to the same customer.


Viking's team of packaging experts at Swatek devised a reusable corrugated packaging solution, saving the customer money and eliminating the need for recycling. Instead of paper fiberboard boxes, we supplied the customer with plastic corrugated cartons that can be returned for reuse in later shipments. The plastic corrugated box is easy to break down and ship back.

reusable box.jpg


Now, we often tout corrugated’s inherent sustainability, and for good reason. Corrugated packaging is 100% renewable and recyclable. It can also be reusable for the end recipient of the packaging, such as for storage or as a moving box, but it has to be replaced after a few uses. For businesses that ship products to customers, plastic corrugated boxes have increased durability so they can be returned and reused many times. In fact, our customer hasn’t needed a repeat order in over a year, saving them thousands in packaging costs!  


This solution is just another way the Viking family of companies provides much more than packaging supplies; we deliver true packaging solutions that consider all of your company's needs. From recyclable materials to reusable options, Viking knows the importance of being environmentally friendly, and helps businesses improve their cost savings and sustainability.


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