Keep the frosting off your fingers!

Frosty Rock Creamery

Our customer provides ice cream cakes.

The problem

  • Getting the cake out of the box gets frosting all over the customer’s fingers
  • Traditional cake boxes were too tall for Frosty Rock’s freezers

The Viking Solution

Create a unique design to be customer friendly.

The Viking design team created a new box that has a fold down side allowing the customer to easily get the cake from the side, rather than the top, and slide it out, preserving the delicious frosting. 

An added benefit was reducing the height allowing more cakes to be stored in the freezer. 

The Results

Happy customers! Happy kids! Frosty Rock was able to fit 20% more cakes in their freezer saving them from having to purchase additional freezer space. Over 100,000 cakes served since 2012. 

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