Does your packaging match your brand?

Hepworth Farms

Hepworth farms is a multigenerational family farm for over 100 years. The Hepworth family are leading experts in organic and responsible farming. Their produce is the top of the line at Whole Foods and other leading grocers. 

The problem

  • Current packaging did not reflect what went into their produce
  • They wanted their packaging to stand out like their farming practices do
  • It is critically important for the packaging to be environmentally responsible

The Viking solution

Create a branded box that is also environmentally friendly.

Hepworth Farms Packaging 1


Hepworth Farms Packaging 3

Hepworth Video

A Hepworth tomato is not just any tomato. It deserves a box that protected this produce as well as let their customer’s know they were getting the very best. We used white corrugated and printed their logo on the boxes to ensure they stood out at the grocery stores. 

Hepworth Video

We also found alternative, water-based, moisture resistant coatings that could be used on the boxes to replace traditional wax coatings. This allows the boxes to be recycled through traditionally curb-side streams as opposed to needing special care to remove the wax coating before being recycled. 

The Results

Since branding their boxes in 2012 their shipments have doubled to almost 2 million pounds of produce per year. 

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